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Miami Based Supa T Records Signs Rock/Rap Artist Harley Dyse

Miami, Florida (MPR Consulting) - Since launching Miami based label “Supa T Records”, King of Diamond founder, CEO Mr. Terry Elliott, Sr. has remained true to their "Supa T Records taking flight to higher levels" motto, by standing out among an over-saturated music business.

Setting themselves apart by merging music and community, the label and it’s artists have delivered great and positive musical content while delivering sound messages. “What sets Supa T Records apart from other labels is our determination to bring back quality music in the industry with good content people can really relate to and not fantasize about.”

Harley Dyse

As Supa T Records stars Juice Yung’n and Fully make their impacts on local and national charts with breakthrough singles and videos, Mr. Terry Elliott has recently released artist J-Shin from his contract and signed Harley Dyse to the label. While the decision to part ways with J-Shin came from a difference in vision between both parties, the signing of Harley Dyse is more than befitting as the artist is of a new breed of musician that transcends genres, cultures and creed by displaying the ability to believably fuse Rock n roll with rap/hip hop.

We wanted the record label to have a mix approach on the music industry such as rock and roll, rap, r&b, rock hip hop, pop, techno, you name it, I want Supa T Records to soak and embrace the diversity that we have not only in our neighborhoods, but in the world. Signing Harley he showed the soulfulness, the rock and roll type of feel and vibe that I know Supa T Records needed.” explained, CEO Mr.Terry Elliott Sr

At first glance Harley Dyse comes across as the stereotype of a biker, the latter isn’t far fetched as the artist was raised in Western Pennsylvania where the influence of major biker gangs is part of the fabric of his childhood, paired with the urban sounds of Pittsburgh, Harley Dyse creativity and strive drove him to become the best in his own lane. Harley now tops the music industry's up and coming artist with strong lyrics paired with party anthems and prolific story telling ability.

Hard work pays off. It's a dream come true, coming from Pittsburgh, a small blue collar town where a lot of us don't have the opportunity to make it out. I've really worked so hard to get to this point, worked through so much adversity throughout life, and I'm blessed to finally have the opportunity to display my talent to the world and support my family with something I'm so passionate about and love doing. With the help of Supa T Records and Mr. Supa T himself, Terry Elliott, I believe we will be able to capture the vision of this "proud to be me" generation and bring it to life with purpose and determination. We have the right things in place to make a major impact on the industry for years to come. I really have to thank the big homie Jak, my supporters and fans throughout the years, sticking by me, WE MADE IT!!! Get ready for Harley Music!” - Harley Dyse

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