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Typical Fashion ‘Rules’ That Plus Size Women Are Also Breaking In The Caribbean

Growing up as a plus size girl, and later evolving into adulthood, you would always be reminded of things that “big girls” should not wear. And these rules are actually shared by many women in your circle. So often, these rules make them resort to the ‘baggy jeans and T-shirt’ syndrome, and fashion takes a backseat. Well ladies, times have changed, and for the better! The new-age plus-sized women do not feel the need to hide our curves, or tuck our bulges in layers of clothing, just to please the probing eyes of the fashion-society. We flaunt our curves in style, we are happy with our bodies, and are confident of our beauty.

We have seen plus-sized bikini models, and a healthy figure being celebrated. They do not wake up feeling bad about their body or try to get to their society-set ‘goal-size’. Toss the conventional rules out the window and put on your sassy stilettos, as we are going to tell all about the fashion rules a plus-size girl must break!

#1. Only Wear Vertical Stripes! (so far from the truth)

This is one of the most common rules for us plus size ladies. Over the years, curvy women I together with other plus size sisters have tossed this rule through the door. Horizontal stripes are part of our wardrobe and we LOVE it!

#2. Only wear BAGGY clothing….

Wearing baggy clothes in my opinion only makes you look bigger than you are. To me the most important thing is that you feel good in your skin, and if you do, why not show off your clothes as you wish??

#3. Black Should Be Your ONLY option

Are we in mourning? Have you seen the amazing combination in colors that you can chose from? Wearing all-black does look powerful, especially with bright and metallic accents! Do not confine your body to strict colors due to your size. Your body is a daily celebration of life!

#4. Do Not Venture Into Prints

Totally ignoring this rule right here! Who does not love pretty prints? You will certainly miss out on standing OUT and being remembered….Fashion is a statement and so are prints! Be funky, play around with them and give LIFE to your existing closet by adding some bold prints!

#5. Swimwear: no 2 piece allowed??

Say what now? Have You Seen Sports Illustrated Model Ashley Graham? Just like her you are entitled to wear a 2 piece bikini without having to feel ashamed or as if you are offending anyone’s eye sight! You look gorgeous, when you feel gorgeous!

#6. Crop Tops Is Not For Us

This is a style that started indeed on the catwalk….however who said plus size women cannot rock this as well?? More in more you are seeing our Caribbean Beauties taking that dare and bold step to flaunt those wonderful curves. You do not need flat washboard abs to look stunning in crop tops!

#7. No Print Mixing ? Girl Please!!

Many women, and not only plus size ones, seem to dread this particular concept! I think our Caribbean is full of so many shades and cultures, why cannot we reflect it with our colorful & bold patterns??! You want to mix a zebra print and a floral? Go right ahead, is not about the clothes wearing you but about how YOU dominate those clothes! We are all fashion divas and we love experimenting! All the plus-sized women out there- go show the world how it is done!

#8. Miniskirts and shorts are not for you

We all have thighs! Lucky for us, we can wear them ALL year around! summer months we show them! Voluptuous women look sassy in shorts and minis. Look at these plus-size models and get inspired.

My Number ONE Rule As A Plus Size Blogger / Fashionista in the Caribbean:

Once you are comfortable breaking any of these rules, Keep doing just that! The most important thing that you can remember is that clothes does not define YOU nor your intellect! This is certainly not the end of the fashion journey for Plus Size, we all know that fashion keeps coming back with different modern twist and is up to YOUR personal style, confidence and love of your body to ROCK it!

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