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Music Feature: Dancehall Pop Artist Sade Serena Talks Working w/ Shaggy

Storyteller and songstress Sade Serena is enchanting as she sets her sights on grooving her way to the top. Her hit single “Dum” will have you singing and swinging along. There is a clever cheekiness in there that really speaks to the boldness of her Jamaican heritage. In a recent interview she reveals her mood while crafting it, “Ironically, I was pretty angry, I won’t even lie. It’s supposed to be comedic obviously you know because I wanted to keep it light.” You may recognize the nod to Sister Nancy’s dancehall hit “Bam Bam” from ‘82 laced between her own recipe for having fun with the diddy.

She got another opportunity to turn this into a teaching moment when someone she always looked up to, Shaggy, stepped in for a fly remix. This addition to the track is smooth no doubt as Shaggy lays in his trademark touch, and accordingly felt extremely grateful for the time and attention he was able to give the single. Describing it as almost surreal as she looks back at the momentous occasion in recalling, “Me just as the artist I was super excited obviously because you know I’ve grown up listening to Shaggy my whole life, and really it was the work of the team behind Sade Serena that did all the logistics getting him on the track.

There is a music video to go with the original version, which has been out for about a year now on both Vevo and Youtube. She says the visual narrates the comedic nature of “Dum” by really making it sassy, almost in your face while yet somehow also coming across as bright and upbeat. It makes sense as we see her personality shine through, a sort of quality that's been developing since the rising star status she earned while in her hometown of Miami where she started making the rounds on the local music circuit as a teen. We can see the transition to a more independent entity that empowers the twenty something to share her take on free will in love and life with a distinctive cocktail of Caribbean spiked pop with R&B undertones.

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