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Meet Upcoming St Lucian Artiste Wilburne

Wilburne is a born and raised St. Lucian with a robust passion for christian music. He was born in the city of Castries on November 7, 1988. Wilburne released his first single "Wanna Know" in 2010 and has consistently been releasing singles since then.

For 2017, the artiste began by giving his listeners an awareness of their purpose in life by releasing his new hit single "Destiny". This song was written by Wilburne; the riddim produced by Positive Vibez Productions in St. Thomas; and the song was produced, mixed and mastered by Ransumd a producer in Anse La Raye, Saint Lucia. The song has been gaining popularity by the day and has been played on several radio stations throughout the Caribbean. To listen to this song and others from Wilburne, visit

Time and time again, Wilburne has proved that his music can be both entertaining and have a positive message for his listeners, especially the youth. Wilburne made his debut performance in 2011 at the NCF Telethon, however, in 2017, he performed on a bigger stage. The artiste made his debut performance on the Jazz scene at the 'Voices on the Bay' event which took place at Tapas on the Bay on May 17, 2017. "Destiny" was one of the songs he performed, and the crowd was elated by the song, his execution, and by his angelic voice. 'The man with the golden voice' would later perform his new single at the NCF Telethon on May 28, 2017 where also received raved reviews.

Wilburne is determined to continue on this path, to be a light in the dark, especially in these challenging times. The young artiste is planning on releasing his first album this year which will feature his best work. To follow Wilburne's music journey, like his page "Wilburne" on Facebook.

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