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Swimwear Season Ain’t Over! Swimwear for Indian Summer, Resort & Holiday Season

September 22, 2017 is the officially start of Fall 2017, but we still have “Indian summer.” Indian summer is defined an unseasonably warm, dry and calm weather, usually following a period of colder weather or frost in the late Autumn (or in the Southern hemisphere, where the term is less common, the late Spring). It is described calm and dry warm weather with a hazy atmosphere.

Indian summer is in the late autumn or early winter. Moreover, it is time to take that off season cruise or travel to a warmer climate during the fall and holidays. It is time to plan that Caribbean cruise, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas, or just a day at the beach with the kids can be so much fun. It is time to feel the ocean breeze, and get away from the city heat.

That can be such a dilemma for Plus Size women: What to wear to the beach? The question is not only what to wear, but what to hide. At this point, let me remind you that Plus Size is the normal or regular size of nearly 14 million women worldwide, so you are not alone. Don’t let false media images fool you. It is shameful that you rarely see women over a size 4 in swimwear on television, films, or in mainstream fashion magazines.

Remember back in the day, when Plus Size women wore triple x white t-shirts and cut-off jeans or shorts to the beach, because they were either ashamed to wear a proper swimsuit, maybe they could not locate a swimsuit in their size or could not afford to purchase a swimsuit. Honey, thank God those days are long gone, and gone are the days of the tent style black and dull swimwear.

Colors and Patterns!

Although black is slimming, and a great choice. There are so many options, and now is the time to show your curves. If you want to rock a plus sized swimwear, you do not hide your curves, embrace them with colors that complement the ocean, sky, and sand with colors that are bright and happy, so do not be scared of colors and patterns. They are inviting and fun. There are numerous retailers (including on-line) and fashion designers who specialized in Plus Size Swim wear and cover ups. The swimwear feature here is from size 10 – 28. And as you can see being Plus and Sexy is not only a state of mind, but it is a state accepting your body and loving your curves, and having a positive body image.

Right Fit!

Now, we're going to talk about how to rock a Plus Size swimwear. A one-piece has to fit you in the shoulders, breasts, waist and hips–that’s a lot to have perfect for one article of clothing. When you purchase your one piece, your bikini, or tankini always make sure it's under-wired, because it uplifts the bust. Now on the other hand, for a two-piece swimwear there are many options. If you are like me, my top is an extra-large and my bottom is a 3x. It is easy to mix and match sizes and colors. Whatever the size, make sure it fits comfortably and you feel great when you have it on, because swimwear is typically nonreturnable.

Ok, now it maybe a one piece swimsuit, two piece bikini, or the newest rage called a tankini. It is similar to a bikini with a longer top, and a higher waist. If you are going to wear a two-piece, go for it!! They are so cute. If you love jewelry, wear a necklace high above the neckline. What that does is actually lifts, makes the eye go upwards, and it lifts the bust so you're actually just seeing the top part of your bust. Let’s talk about sarongs and cover ups.

Cover ups and Sarongs

A sarong tie on the waist will not only give you a shape, but what it does is enhance your body line so it will curve your hips, and will cling to your legs emphasizes your hips and your bottom, so make sure that it is open at the front, and not covering your actual bikini. I love the mesh pants and cover ups. They show enough skin to keep the men looking without showing it all! Hey, do not forget some clingy flip flops or nice sexy sandals, some cool sunglasses, and a big floppy sun hat to protect your skin.

Swimwear Designers & Retailers

Big Ole Pretty Girl Big Ole' Pretty Girls

La Belle Moi


Plus Size Retailers with swimwear:


Submitted by Jamila Choyce, MPA

PlusSize Model, Actress, & Writer

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