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Reggae Pop Princess K’reema inks deal with Lola Hair

K’reema is gracing the spotlight more frequently since releasing her latest EP Drop It earlier this summer. There is a great deal of scheduling involved for talent on the scene; the formula goes that if you are riding high on the wave of success… Go with it. For that very reason, many artists choose to participate in cross promotional events that appeal to their base, mostly within the lifestyle realm take for example K’reema and Lola Hair.

From clothing to gear, to beverages and more, teaming up with the right brand can link consumers with a different angle of the image. K’reema is working with several companies in a variety of capacities ranging from spokesperson to special guest, particularly in the NYC area. Fans and curious folk can catch here at one of the upcoming Lola Hair ‘Sip and Shop’ events in Brooklyn and Harlem.

K’reema has got some serious style in fashion and also in her approach to beauty. She openly shares that she enjoys wearing specialty hairstyles to enhance her performance effect and also for personal style. Music videos and live performances provide an appropriate platform for showing the fierce combination of a female star signing and dancing her way to the top. If she keeps up this momentum, there is no stopping her, and we are enjoying the development of her sound.

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