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Susan Strachan – putting passion into the cosmetic industry

With over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Jamaica born, New Jersey based, licensed cosmetologist and salon owner Susan Strachan has upped the ante with a line of products designed to enhance body, skin and hair.

It took years of devoted work, perfecting the many products she now sell but for her there is nothing as satisfying as seen the smile lights up the faces of those who uses them.

Whether it’s their hair or skin nothing beats seeing that smile at the transformation, knowing you played a small part in one’s life yet it made a significant difference,” she said.

And for Strachan that’s what it is really all about and it’s the reason she keeps at it, that priceless feeling.

If that love shines through in the job she does, it is just natural as for her there was no other career for her but the beauty industry.

For as long as she can remember Strachan has always had a love of creating magic with hair.

I would always comb my mother's hair, try to help her while she roller set her hair, I would always have a comb ready to comb anyone's hair who would allow me,” she said with a smile.

Her fascination didn’t stop there as she said going to the salon took her into another realm as she got excited seeing the cosmetologist weaving their magic on customers.

“As a child, the seed was planted then and I knew someday I would be doing the same thing,” she shared.

Although the drive was in her for cosmetology she diverted and found herself in the corporate world making a success of it – but she wasn’t fulfilled.

It was no surprise when she ditched all that and finally gave in to her real passion – making people beautiful not only externally but internally and her career has now afforded her the chance to watch her clients blossom through her interactions with them.

Strachan’s products manufactured under the NBL All Natural brand all 26 of them are like children to her. She is not passing on anything that hasn’t been used in her household.

Still unlike mothers who are not allowed to have favorites when it comes on to their children Strachan burst out an infectious laugh “Sorry, I’m guilty! I have my personal favorites.. when I use my products, whether on myself or my clients I feel so proud when I see the glow on the face, the moisture on the skin and the illustrious sheen in the hair, it's a feeling I wish everyone could experience,” she said.

Looking ahead Strachan has big streams for NBI All Natural and it is to see it as a household name where every woman, man and child will identify with the brand globally and can attest that it is the best product they've ever used.

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