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Glitzy-Glitter Fashions For Girls On The Go!

Today’s women have active lifestyles that leave little time for fussing over pretentious fashions. Dee Dee Carter, a local Dress Maker in Cleveland, Ohio believes that being stylish should be simple; so women can get on with enjoying life. Dee Dee has been designing for 40 years, creating one of a kind glitzy fashion looks for the stylish women of Cleveland. Dee Dee opened her dress making operation with her mother as her mentor and titled the boutique “Designers Palace Courtier”. Her creations are ideal for vacationers and nightlife seekers who wants to get value out of custom luxury clothing. There is no time wasted fussing over garments that have a fixed size, or too much functionality when simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

I create fashions that are low maintenance, yet deliver high on style.” Explains Dee Dee, “The garments are glamorous, and glitzy-glitter fashions! I create ladies dresses using no buttons, no zippers and they wear with no wrinkles! Each style look is created from my imagination without using a dress pattern. These are wrinkle free, step-in dresses that are free flowing, easy to get into, and easy to get out of. The dresses are flexible for fluctuating weight gain, or weight loss the fabric stretches between three to four dress sizes. These are fun dresses that I design.” During New York Fashion Week, Designer Palace Courtier’s presentation displayed vibrant and fun fashions. Dee Dee works with sequins and stretchy fabrics in vivid and metallic colors. Her dresses are perfect for parties or an evening soirée. There is no doubt that Designers Palace Courtier is about living the glamorous life; and Cleveland, Ohio is known for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So it certainly makes sense to be styled by Dee Dee Carter before visiting the famed museum. Diva it up with Dee Dee and you too can shine like a rock star!

Dress Maker Dee-Dee Carter with model during New York Fashion Week



Macintosh Smith - ( Photographer )

Designers Palace Courtier Dee-Dee Carter 4151 East 114th Street Cleveland, OH 44105 216-904-3628 www.DesignersPalace.Boutique

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