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Strongest Soldier Artist: Jahmiel Confirmed for Chronology - Grenada Edition

Closing out the final quarter of 2017 Jahmiel is definitely on a high. Jahmiel recently performed on one of Jamaica's biggest food festival, CB PAN Chicken Championship in Portland, Jamaica and then he was off to Florida. While in Florida he co-headlined another staging of the most sought after dancehall package MVP. The package, which consists of Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel, has received large turn outs in Jamaica, Canada and now the US.

Mavado, Jahmiel and Alkaline

The show which took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida garnered a huge turn out of fans from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and surrounding areas. Most recently identified by international media outlets as the game changers of dancehall, its no surprise that the three artists continue to pull large crowds to their shows.

Jahmiel took the stage at about 8:00 pm and it was pandemonium as the crowd erupt while he delivered songs like, Thinks Take Time, True Colours, Where Were You, Strongest Soldier, Instant Disaster, Gain the World and his most recent release, U Me Luv. For Jahmiel it was a great look "To be on a stage in front of thousands of your fans and have the ability to rock them from start to finish, shows my growth as an artist and know say the fanbase a grow" says Jahmiel. With only two years since his breakthrough hit 'Gain the World' Jahmiel remains one of the most sought after acts for some of the major festivals and shows on the reggae/dancehall international scene.

Most recently, Jahmiel was confirmed on the Grenada leg of the Chronology Tour and will be co-headlining alongside Chronixx on November 25th. "Its a great look to know the people are acknowledging the work myself and my team are putting in day to day. Definitely looking forward to the show in Grenada as that will be a great energy to perform alongside Chronixx for the first time and return to Grenada to see my Patriotz fans as well" says Jahmiel.

While he continues to record and put out solid body of work, Jahmiel is looking forward to going to Gambia, where he is scheduled to perform for the first time early next year.

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