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What to Do If She Ignores You

Does she ignore you? What does it mean when a girl ignores you? Does she give you a chance? Perhaps, your relationship has reached a dead end or it did not even begin. Perhaps, you scared her off or she might not be interested in you. If you make some efforts, then you will again have the opportunity to win back her favor. So, what to do when a girl ignores you? Here are the tips from

  • Make a beautiful gesture.

When a girl ignores you, it is necessary to make a really interesting and unusual gesture that she will surely notice. A great way to do that is to write a love note or even a poem or do something that she really likes. The gesture should be bright and public. In that case, she will know that you are serious about her.

  • Give her some time.

This is the opposite tactic. If you cease to seek her attention, then the girl will see that you can easily live without her and that you can move on. This can change her attitude to you, she will start communicating with you. Some girls stop ignoring men immediately when they start ignoring them.

  • Pay attention to some other girl.

It’s a dangerous but sure way that passes on the blade of the knife. The meaning is the following: the girl is ignoring me probably because she knows that I will not leave her and she can get me back at any moment, then I need to show her that I have lots of options. For example, you can try to meet with some other girl, and you'll understand what game she plays.

  • Just ask about the reasons.

If you don’t want to come up with the cunning plan, you can go ahead, asking her about the reasons for total ignoring in your direction. It's possible that everything that you feel is a big misunderstanding. Perhaps there is a reason and you can solve it. In any case, you need to know "why" and what to deal with the girl ignoring you.

  • Ask her friends about the reasons.

Do not be naive, a girl can refuse to tell you anything about the reasons, but you can come in by the back door with the help of her friends. A girl’s friends do not hold back emotions when it comes to some wrong things on your part. Therefore, you will find out for sure a lot of "good" about yourself, or, on the contrary, you will understand that you have not done anything wrong.

  • Do not be desperate.

Psychopaths scare the girls, so always keep a distance even if you want to conquer a girl who ignores you. In other words, you should try everything but only within the boundaries of decency. It is much more attractive for a girl than if you put pressure on her like a man whose life is determined only by this woman.

  • Have a serious talk with her.

If the girl did not respond to the text messages or somehow avoid the answer, then try to invite her to neutral territory, for example, to a concert. It is possible to ask the very same questions that you worry about.

  • Show her that you have a connection.

It is a simple advice, but it needs to be worked out because men are often ashamed of their feelings, it is likely that you did not even explain to the girl why you think you want to be with her. It might not be love. Maybe you have common interests or something else. You should better know about that, but the main thing is to be honest. If you forget about honesty, then all your words will be worthless.

  • Be clean and well-dressed.

If you wear dirty or just weird clothes, then there is nothing surprising about the fact that women do not want to deal with you. So, take a shower, cut your hair, put on a suitable outfit and then try to talk to the girl again.

  • Just stop, she is not for you.

This is the last item that you should just accept and it does not matter how much you like this or that woman. If the girl is not interested in you, if all previous attempts have failed, then leave her. Switch to something else.

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