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The Caribbean welcomes the bespoke luxury accessory brand ‘Willique’ and creative director Anya back

We reflect on 2017’s achievements for the luxury accessory brand ‘Willique’ and discover what lies in store for the future from founder and creative director Anya.

As Willique continues to grow from strength to strength, creative director Anya credits her triumph on not only hard work and perseverance, but also on having the continual support of her childhood islands – The Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas.

Creative director Anya is returning to her island home late this December through to the middle of January 2018 in order to nurture key relationships for the general promotion and launch of Willique within the Caribbean.

Whilst predominately U.K. based, Anya strongly believes in fostering exposure of the brand within the Caribbean. She believes that by doing so, Willique plays a small part in demonstrating the variety of independent and luxury entrepreneurial ventures arising on the islands.

With a keen business eye set on expanding stockists in the islands, as well as expanding availability within the U.K. Anya states

“It is just as important to me to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical luxury within fashion in the Caribbean, as it is within the European and American market. I am truly proud of my heritage and “island roots” – it is un-doubtable that the lush vegetation and vibrancy of the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos has strongly lent to the inspiration of my designs. I look forward to expanding the availability of the brand in and around my home islands – it is an exciting time for both Willique and I.”

Whilst the primary focus of Anya’s return trip is to seek out new stockists, however after the recent devastation of hurricane Irma throughout the Caribbean – Anya is keen to re-promote the Caribbean as a luxury destination and aid the growth of the local economy.

As 2017 draws to a close, we ask what has been some of Anya’s top successes for Willique - the designer brand whose sustainable luxury hand-bags and accessory designs draws inspiration firmly from the islands.

Anya reflects

“As with any emerging business in its infancy, there have been highs and lows. Yet overall it has been an absolute joyous rollercoaster of a year, with some fantastic achievements such as gaining press coverage in main-line fashion publications such as U.K. Pride, She Caribbean and sustainable publications. And not to mention there has been the new additions and expansion of the Willique range, which have been warmly received – as well as excellent press coverage in the Caribbean.

I take from 2017 pride and comfort in knowing that WIllique continues to grow from strength to strength. From originally designing handbags as a hobby to see how the brand is currently positioned - it fuels my passion for growing the brand even more so watch this space!”

To wrap up the year, Anya has been invited to showcase Willique at an exclusive Prince’s Trust celebrity gala event, which is testament to her hard work in developing the brand.

So what does 2018 hold for the brand? Willique is set firmly on a positive direction, with a planned press launch for the UK scheduled for early 2018, a brand expansion of the range to include luxury resort wear and a new website re-launch.

Anya summarises with “With ambition, dedication and hard work, the sky is truly the only limit with Willique.”

Is your boutique interested in stocking Willique or to looking to discover more about the brand, then visit or email

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