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Valentino Khan and Sean Paul Debut New Music Video for "Gold".

Get mesmerized with Valentino Khan and Sean Paul’s new music video “Gold.” This island-themed canvas is set amongst Jamaican vistas, bringing a sense of relaxation and summertime vibes. The song’s fun, party central beat moves throughout a young dancer, who’s all about repping his style as he shares his choreography in the streets. Vibrant colors lock the video into place, as gold chains, beautiful blue seas, and pop-color Jamaican shops clutter each frame.

From the opening moon shot, through integration of electronics in the video, it’s clear that this song is all about connecting with where you come from and sharing it with the world. Universality brings a talented street dancer to Sean Paul on his video shoot, showing fans that anyone can live their dream. Be inspired to do what you love, and check out the video here!


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