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Phil Nessy Set to Officially Release Music Video for 'Iyanola' on the December 13

St. Lucian musician, Phil Nessy based in the USA is set to officially release his new music video entitled 'Iyanola' on the December 13, 2017. Iyanola was the name given to St. Lucia by the Arawak Indians meaning the land of many iguanas.

The video was shot in the communities of Soufriere, Laborie, Praslin, Morne Serpent, Pigeon Point and Castries city over a three-day period. With this new music video Nessy wants to show the world St. Lucia’s uniqueness in history, culture, landscape and so much more including highlighting our Nobel laureate prize winners Honorable Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis.

The video was shot by Phil Nessy and Sant Justin. Nessy produced and edited the video and said that shooting the video was fun. He enjoyed the opportunity to work with Ras Yayah, a St. Lucian poet also based in the USA, the Fundamentals Dance Group from Anse La Raye and a number of other individuals who participated in the video.

Nessy is hoping that St Lucians would embrace this project and spark conversation and pride among St. Lucians at home and aboard.

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