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Teddie Cain Brings Rhythm & Gangsta

Teddie Cain, a renowned artist from Chicago has created a new music genre, Rhythm & Gangsta. The artist’s love for music started at the very early age and he firmly believed in creating a style for himself in his way. Inspired by great artists, he captured his emotions in his works. This new genre of music is a combination of Rhythm, which is the depiction of external aspects of the life and Gangsta, the struggles faced to achieve it.

Cain has struggled so much in life before establishing a place for himself. His songs speak of his feeling and the path he has ventured down. His single "Save Somebody” is about an exotic dancer who talks about her life, how people see her and accept her for who she is. Some of his other notable works are Dirty Clothes and No Ghetto.

This new genre has sent vibes across America and created a positive impact on the audience. Cain has high values and believes people should see the real person inside despite the external glamor and glitz.

He is also planning to tour the Midwest and Southern States for the promotion of his album. When asked about his inspiration Teddie Cain stated “ Life is filled with many emotions, surprise, struggle, pain, and many known and unknown feelings. This emotions and pain influence and push me to be an artist.”

Cain is a talented singer and songwriter who believes that his compassion for himself and others is his strong motivator. He works hard to create everlasting music that will stand the test of time. Cain is expected to release another project in 2017.


About Teddie Cain

Chicago native Teddie Cain, sparked a love for music at a very young age. Influenced by a combination of artists such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, DeBarge, Jodeci, & Master P, it created the captivating & unique style we love from Cain today. Several events throughout his life have launched the passion he has for composing his own music.

Through his lyrical genius, his audience can tap into his story and feel all the rhythmic genres that have shaped his unique sound. With the birth of his hit single “Dirty Clothes”, being immediately embraced and placed into heavy rotation on the radio, Cain begins to get notable recognition sparking the attention of several key industry leaders. With all of the buzz surrounding his first project, the release of his later single, “No Ghetto” being featured on ESPN’s 30 for 30 Ben “Benji” Wilson movie was the birth of international coverage.

Achieving such prominent exposure provided an opportunity for the collaboration with a plethora of Industry plugs across the globe including but not limited to Pharris, DJ Allstyles. DJ Swift, DJ Arron, DJ Erik Flelix, DJ Big Bill, DJ Delany, DJ World, DJ Gino, DJ Rosskid, DJ Supa, DJ Tab, DJ Chedda, DJ Big Eddie, DJ Hollywood, DJ V Dub, DJ J Nicks, Greg Street, DJ Blue, DJ Cadillac , DJ Clark, DJ Baby Face, and many more. As the owner of the label RGM and as an upcoming superstar, Teddie Cain will certainly take the world by storm.

Video "Save Somebody"

Video "Do It Well"

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