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Bugle Cancels Birthday Celebrations To Feed The Homeless

Earlier this week, while members of the An9ted Entertainment family were hashing together a surprise birthday party for Rastafarian crooner Bugle. It appears he had uncovered the plot and secretly formulated his own for the special day. On Tuesday, January 30, the entire team was summoned to an early morning meeting only for Bugle and some core team members to reveal that there would be no celebratory shindig but instead, all the resources purchased for said would be used along with others garnered through personal and corporate donations to feed the homeless and less fortunate in the second instalment of his humanitarian initiative.

Bugle also used the opportunity to call on several of his celebrity friends to assist in the venture all of whom were willing to lend their support. Among them were Romain Virgo, Wayne Marshall, Trotyon (Producer), Alexx A Game, Samboni, Sky Juice, Collin Hines, CD Master, Ricky Trooper, Ghetto Bomb among others. With several hundred freshly prepared meals a few hours later, the singer and his team scoured the Corporate Area Tuesday afternoon delivering joy and hope to the penurious of our society. Culminating in Downtown Kingston in the late afternoon, Bugle became overwhelmed with emotions for a brief moment after realising the meals were finish and some people were left without. The 'Be Yourself' hitmaker ordered members of his team to take whatever monies were available and purchase meals for them.

Bugle and his team in Downtown, Kingston feeding the homeless

Recapping the day's activities after returning to his headquarters Bugle said, "My team was planning to keep a surprise party for me but I found out and decided against it. I told them all that food and drink could be put to better use, too much hungry people in Jamaica for us be doing that. Maximum respect to all the personal and corporate sponsors for their donations, despite it being last minute. We give thanks." Among the list of Corporate sponsors were CB Chicken, Lasco, Pepsi Jamaica and Seprod while personal donations came courtesy of Romain Virgo, Alley Dailey, Nashera James, Lorna Wayne Right, Aretha, Troyton, J-Cohn, Soulgie, Collin Hines, Wayne Marshall and Franchise. As stated earlier this month during the inaugural feeding exercise on New Years Day. Bugle says he wants to make this an ongoing initiative.

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