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Kasava Blu-Food All-Inclusive delights patrons

Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) – Special events promotions group WAD Events created unforgettable pre-Carnival memories for party goers at their recent 2018 Kasava Blu-Food All-Inclusive.

After a successful 2017 debut, the WAD team garnered an awesome turnout for their 2018 edition and satisfied their patrons’ thirst for a true Trinbagonian-style all-inclusive fete.

Under the Trees of the Hotel Normandie in St. Ann’s was the site of this year’s annual event.

The organizers did an amazing job in ensuring the safety and convenience of their guests as evidenced by the security personnel on hand to secure both attendees and parked cars and by the venue itself which was easily accessible to those coming from both in and outside of Port-Of-Spain.

The unique, beautifully decorated ‘backyard lime setting’ created a festive atmosphere which was perfect for partying yet had a relaxing feel.

Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were available at the bars situated strategically about the outdoor venue and via serving staff that passed around to bring a range of cocktails and specialty drinks to seated attendees.

Of course taking the spotlight at this particular Carnival Sunday soiree was the menu of Blu food and local culinary offerings.

Multiple food stations which served several of these delicacies were present for those desiring some sustenance amidst the ‘grown and sexy’ euphoria.

The Kasava menu boasted delectable Blu-food selections which included Sumptuous Creole Fish, Stew Pork, Coocoo & Callalloo, Cornmeal Dumpling with Saltfish, Sautéed Cassava, Chicken and Vegetable Rotis, Accra, Cornsoup, Fish Broth and a wide array of desert options e.g. various flavours of Fudge, Paw Paw Balls, Pone as well as Soursop, Rum Raisin & Coconut ice-cream.

Although the ambiance, amenities and refreshments of the Kasava Blu-Food All-Inclusive fete had put a smile on the faces of all attendees, another highlight of the event had to be the sizzling music mix as provided by the turntable talents of DJ Sensational Sammy who delivered the very best in contemporary and old-school Soca.

Oscar B performed at the Carnival Sunday soiree

The fashionable Kasava crowd was also thoroughly entertained by high-energy performances from Soca stalwart Oscar B and Soca princess Patrice Roberts who closed off the event in true festive fashion.

By all accounts the annual Kasava Blu-Food All-Inclusive is being considered the new ‘must-go’ Carnival Sunday affair, especially for those discerning feters who seek an alternative to the conventional Carnival Sunday scenario.

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