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Veteran Jamaican Broadcaster Lauds Nesbeth

In a recent airing of the Barry G Show, the veteran broadcaster known for his compelling narratives and expansive knowledge base on topical issues decided to segue from the norm instead taking listeners on an in-depth journey throughout his childhood years. During the broadcast, he spoke on a myriad of matters relating to his upbringing and the perils faced with various members of his family; resulting with him making a pledge that regardless of his circumstances he would never be a failure in life. Amid the broadcast, the Mello-FM ace man whose given name is Barrington Gordon also used the opportunity to laud Reggae crooner Nesbeth for his inspirational anthem 'Success Story', citing it as a major influence in his life. [LISTEN AUDIO]

"Those were some arduous years of my life and I made a pledge regardless of my situation I will never be a failure in life and that is why I love Nesbeth's song so much." - Barry G intimated.

VIDEO: Nesbeth - ' Success Story' (official)

Alluding to Barry G's pronouncement Nesbeth underscored that he's humbled by the recognition given and is happier knowing that through his music he was able to assist in ameliorating the situation. Coming on the heels of this revelation Nesbeth recently returned to the island from a surfeit of performances in the United Kingdom and North America with concert stops in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Maryland respectively, as part of ongoing efforts to drum up support for his upcoming debut album 'A.M.E.N'. The acronym derives from the name of his late wife Ann-Maire Elliot Nesbeth. According to the singer, this inaugural body of work holds very sentimental meaning, hence he is taking a very inchmeal approach to crafting each record on the compilation. Nesbeth is set to release a new single titled 'Paper Route' in the days ahead. The track is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.

AUDIO: Nesbeth - 'Inna Di Ghetto' (official)

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