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Dancehall Artiste Ajonii Promotes “Unapologetic”

Dancehall artiste Ajonii is ready to take the music world by storm, with the release of his new track Unapologetic. Released in May under the Prime Time Music label, the sultry dancehall single is based on his own real life experience.

The artiste is poised for greatness, with 2018 slated to be his breakout year. Unapologetic is the track that will propel him towards achieving just that, especially considering the tremendous feedback that it has been getting so far. Navigating his way through the music industry for just a few short years, Ajonii has his eyes on the prize and continues to work towards achieving the same international success as fellow Jamaican artistes such as Buju Banton, Sean Paul and Shaggy.

Greatness is a habit; you have to be consistent and deliberate about what you want out of life. For me, 2018 has been a wonderful year so far and I know for sure it can only get better from here,” expressed Ajonii

What people love about this track especially is the subject matter. At some point or another most men have gone through a relationship where a misunderstanding arises about another woman, and really it wasn’t your fault nor intention; This is what unapologetic is about.”

The music video for the track is expected to be released by the end of the summer and will be a medley with his previously released track, Body Drop, which features veteran Reggae artiste Major Mackerel.

While keeping dancehall at the core of his music, Ajonii combines catchy lyrics, a hard hitting flow and international elements in an effort to appeal to an international market and earn him a spot on the global stage. He has several tracks under his belt such as Naked Truth, Wine Suh and Wells Fargo, which are all collaborations with DJ Blizzard.

In the meantime, Ajonii is working on new songs to be included in his upcoming EP. Unapologetic is available for purchase and streaming on all major digital platforms.

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