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Dalton Harris Reveals Since Coming Out as Pansexual, he has Received Death Threats

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris
Jamaican singer Dalton Harris

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris, claims he has received death threats since coming out as pansexual in October of last year. The news was revealed by the UK X Factor winner in an interview with a UK publication, excerpts of which he posted on his Instagram account.

He told the publication that since coming out as pansexual, he has been happy and free, but he has also faced discrimination.

“I feel so much more empowered and just full of life. I can experience more healthy relationships as well. But also I now receive more death threats and hate than ever but it is how it is,” he said.

Since winning The X Factor in 2018, Harris has made the United Kingdom his home, where he feels at home and supported.

“In the UK, being gay isn’t something that people react to as they do in Jamaica so I wouldn’t feel half as worthless as some Jamaicans go out of their way to make someone feel. I am sure my sexuality won’t matter.”

Dalton said that he aspires to be an inspiration to Caribbean LGBTQIA Community.


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