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Gifts To Give Someone Starting Their Mindfulness Journey

If you know someone who loves mindfulness and meditation but doesn’t have any materials, here are a few gifts to give someone who’s starting a new journey.

Recently, practicing wellness and mindfulness techniques has become popular among young adults. Participating in a mindfulness journey sometimes requires certain items to ground one’s mind and promote peace. If a special occasion is coming up or you want to surprise a loved one with a gift, look no further—here are a few affordable gifts to give someone starting their mindfulness journey.

Essential Oils Set

When you’re practicing mindfulness, you become aware of all your senses. Gifting your friend an essential oils set can help them start with aromatherapy. They can use the oils individually or mix them to suit different moods or settings.

Incense Set With a Cute Holder

Incense is a staple for someone starting their mindfulness journey. Gifting someone an incense set with an incense holder is a great way to enhance their meditation experience. Each box of incense you choose should describe the function or mood associated with the scent. There are also many options for incense holders, from cute vases to animal sculptures.

Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese zen gardens are known for calming the mind and body. Why not create or purchase a mini version for your loved one’s office or home? Zen gardens are ideal whenever one feels stressed or needs to ease their thoughts; your loved one can tend to their garden and create designs in the sand.

Singing Bowls

People have used singing bowls for meditation and sound healing for over 5,000 years. When using a singing bowl, one can feel the vibrational frequencies throughout their body, which creates a relaxing feeling. Singing bowls are known to reduce stress and anger, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure.

Healing Crystals Starter Kit

Your friend will be so excited when they see you’ve gifted them a crystal starter kit. A crystal kit should contain crystals associated with all 7 chakras; a chakra pendulum; a sage bundle; and a selenite wand—all the things your mindful friend needs to start their crystal journey. When gifting your pal crystals, you want to have basic knowledge of what each crystal means so that you can ensure you're meeting their mindfulness needs.

So, there you have it: 5 affordable gifts to give someone starting their mindfulness journey! Just remember to ensure the items you purchase are authentic before gifting them to someone.

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