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How to Remove Gnats, Drain and Fruit Flies Naturally

Gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies are small insects that can be a major nuisance in your home. These tiny pests can be difficult to remove, but there are natural methods you can use to get rid of them without using harsh chemicals.

7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Gnats, Drain and Fruit Flies in Your Home

Clean Your Drains

Gnats and drain flies often breed in moist areas, like sink or shower drains. To eliminate these pests, you should clean your drains regularly. You can use a drain cleaner or pour boiling water down the drain to kill any larvae and eggs.

Remove Overripe Fruit

Fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruits and vegetables. To keep fruit flies from invading your home, dispose of any overripe produce. Make sure to store your fruits and vegetables in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.

Use Vinegar Traps

One effective way to get rid of gnats and fruit flies is to use vinegar traps. Fill a small bowl with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. The vinegar will attract the gnats or fruit flies, and the soap will trap them. This is a simple and effective way to catch these pests.

Set Up Fly Paper or Sticky Traps

Fly paper or sticky traps work by attracting and trapping the gnats and fruit flies. These traps can be purchased at most home and garden stores, or you can make your own by coating a strip of paper with a sticky substance like honey or maple syrup.

Use Essential Oils

Certain essential oils are known to repel gnats and fruit flies. You can use a diffuser to spread the scent of essential oils throughout your home. Peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus are all effective oils to use.

Keep Your Home Clean

To prevent future infestations of gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies, it is important to keep your home clean and dry. Make sure to clean up spills and crumbs immediately, and take out your garbage regularly. A clean and dry home is less attractive to these pests.

Call a Professional

If you have a large infestation of gnats, drain flies, or fruit flies, it may be necessary to call a pest control professional. They can help you identify the source of the infestation and provide effective treatment to eliminate the pests.

Removing gnats, drain flies, and fruit flies naturally requires some effort, but it can be done. By following the tips outlined above, you can get rid of these pests and keep them from coming back. Remember to keep your home clean and dry, use natural remedies like vinegar and essential oils, and if all else fails, call a professional for help.


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