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Ice Spice Samples Sean Paul in Debut Coachella Performance

Ice Spice made waves during her set at the first weekend of the Coachella festival with the debut of a new song that pays homage to a fan-favorite Sean Paul single from the early aughts.

Ice Spice

The as-yet-unnamed track is slated to be a part of her upcoming debut album, "Y2K," making its sampling of the dancehall and reggae singer’s 2002 hit, “Gimme The Light,” particularly apt.

In the midst of her performance, Ice Spice delivered fiery lyrics over the infectious beat, rapping lines like, “Big knock like I’m not a fighter/Big Ice I don’t need a writer/Ya man calling me baby/I’m his poopie like I need a diaper!”

The production of the song was handled by her in-house producer, RIOTUSA, who masterfully chopped up elements of the original track to create a fresh sound.

This upcoming album, "Y2K," is highly anticipated, and fans can expect to find this innovative collaboration among its tracks when it drops later this year.

Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light" served as the lead single from his Grammy Award-winning album, "Dutty Rock," catapulting him to international stardom and solidifying his reputation as a versatile and successful dancehall artist on the global stage. Now, with Ice Spice's reinterpretation, the timeless appeal of Paul's classic track gets a vibrant new twist.


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