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Jet-Skiing Tips for Beginners To Stay Safe

Using the most beneficial jet-skiing tips for beginners to stay safe keeps everyone out of harm’s way when you’re cruising in the open waters.

Enjoying a fun-filled day in the water is wonderful until somebody gets hurt from doing something reckless. The Jet Ski is the watercraft at the center of plenty of mishaps. Thus, knowing the best jet-skiing tips for beginners to stay safe prevents anything terrible from happening.

Keep Your Speed in Check

Sustain a leisurely speed before you reach open waters and are no longer in sight of the coast. Keeping a safe speed is paramount if you must slow down or come to a complete stop. You determine the pace at which you feel comfortable and don’t succumb to the peer pressure of someone wanting you to go faster.

Cruising at half-throttle is perfectly acceptable, and you still will get enjoyment from your Jet Ski. If you decide to turn your Jet Ski into a boat, you might feel more at ease because you’re not as vulnerable. But never push the limits for your safety and others around you.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

Constantly scan the area for swimmers, vessels, and others engaging in water sports to prevent a catastrophic collision. Do not fall victim to tunnel vision because that narrows your scope—it’s dangerous not to consider what is surrounding you.

Keeping your eyes directly in front of you leaves the door open to everything happening to the sides and back of your vessel. Always have your head on a swivel, and don’t put yourself in a compromising position.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Alcohol consumption while boating or jet skiing may not appear to be as hazardous as operating a vehicle. However, alcohol consumption is a significant cause of watercraft and Jet Ski accidents every year. As with driving a car, drinking hinders your discretion when operating a vehicle. On top of the obvious safety concerns, receiving a BUI citation can be costly to your wallet and insurance.

Wear Protective Gear

Like a construction worker wearing a hard hat to stay safe from fallen objects, jet skiers need personal protective equipment to prevent unforeseen injuries. One piece of apparel everyone must have is a life jacket.

This isn’t a matter of debate because a hard spill might incapacitate you in the water, and a life jacket will keep you afloat. Additionally, items worth your while are eye protection because water tends to splash violently around your face. And don’t forget to put on sunblock, or else you will look like a lobster by the end of the day.

It’s in your best interest to consider these jet-skiing tips for beginners to stay safe before your next adventure on the water. Safety measures might not make you feel cool, but they allow you to return in one piece.


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