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Michael 'Micron' Johnston, the father of Jamaican Producer Rvssian, has died

Rvssian and Michael ‘Micron’ Johnston
Rvssian and Michael ‘Micron’ Johnston

Jamaican record producer Rvssian has announced the death of his father, Michael 'Micron' Johnston. He was 81 years old at the time.

On Tuesday, Rvssian shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram, along with a touching tribute to his late father. “Daddy, I love you, you were the best I could ever ask for,” Rvssian wrote, alongside a video of the elder Johnston in the hospital. “I'll miss your phone calls telling me to get candles for the hurricanes. I learned all of my good qualities from you and aspire to be more like you.”

Michael 'Micron' Johnston, was a producer who taught his son to play the piano and drums from a young age. Michael was also the co-founder of Micron Music Limited, a label he co-founded in 1971 with Ronnie Burke. Micron was derived from a slight combination of their names, Mic from Michael and Ron from Ronnie. However, because he was more of the label's face, Michael adopted the name Micron over time.

Jamming with Mikey J, a 16-track instrumental album, was his most recent release in 2011. Rvssian also contributed to the album's creation by playing bass and writing Dancehall Rhapsody.

Negril, an instrumental album by acclaimed American Jazz guitarist Eri Gale, was Micron Music's most ambitious project, produced by Johnston.

Rvssian has received an outpouring of love and support from his friends and fans.


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