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Miss St. Catherine, Aundrene Cameron, Crowned Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2023

On the evening of August 1, 2023, the National Arena in Jamaica came alive with beauty, grace, and cultural celebration as 13 talented young ladies vied for the prestigious title of Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2023. After a captivating competition, it was Miss Catherine, Audrene Cameron who emerged victorious, capturing the hearts of the judges and the audience alike.

The Miss Jamaica Festival Queen pageant is not just a beauty pageant; it is a platform that celebrates Jamaica's culture, talent, and community involvement. The contestants, representing different parishes across the island, showcased their intellect, poise, and passion for their nation throughout the event.

Miss St. Catherine, Aundrene Cameron

Miss St. Catherine, Audrene Cameron, dazzled the judges with her impressive knowledge and appreciation of Jamaican culture. Her engaging performance and active involvement in her community demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

However, it was not an easy journey for Miss Cameron, as she faced stiff competition from the other outstanding contestants. Jhanielle Powell, representing Kingston & St. Andrew, and Erickay Chambers, hailing from Trelawny, secured the second and third positions, respectively, proving that the pool of talent was exceptionally high this year.

In addition to the overall title, various sectional prizes were awarded to deserving candidates. Kendene Barrett from St. Thomas earned the "Most Popular" and "Most Congenial" awards, displaying her charm and popularity among her peers. Sherai Campbell, representing St. Mary, was recognized as the "Best in Evening Wear," showcasing her elegance and style on the runway.

Erickay Chambers of Trelawny, who secured the third position overall, was acknowledged as the "Best Performance" winner, impressing the audience with her talent and stage presence. Jhanielle Powell from Kingston & St. Andrew stood out as the "Most Poised" contestant, radiating grace and confidence throughout the competition.

However, it was Audrene Cameron who stole the spotlight, not only winning the title but also earning recognition for being the "Most Culturally Aware" and "Most Active in Community." Her commitment to preserving and promoting Jamaican culture and her active involvement in community initiatives set her apart as a true ambassador for the nation.

The pageant was hosted by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) and was attended by a large crowd of spectators. The judges for the pageant were a panel of experts in the fields of beauty, culture, and community service.


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