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Nessa B Takes on Production with the 'Determining Riddim'

The Entertainer Enters a Space Where Few Women Reside

Reggae and Dancehall artist Nessa B has entered the realm of music production with the new album, "Determining Riddim." A debut effort under the Nessa B Music Production banner, the "Determining Riddim" sees the starlet in a space where few women reside and fans couldn't be happier.

"Music is life, so production was an organic next step for me on this journey," says Nessa B.

"I wanted to put my good ear and feel for music to work. The "Determining Riddim" exceeded my expectations," Nessa B adds proudly.

The new seven-track compilation offers listeners an infectious and pulsating Dancehall riddim, which spans beyond a summer sizzler. The "Determining Riddim" features the likes of Laygus, Inkline, Samuri, Tremaine Hitz, Dah Mastha and Courtney Undah Privilege, with whom she reunites (he produced "Insecurity").

Naturally, Nessa B had to jump on the album too with "Win Again." But technically, every song on the "Determining Riddim" is a "winner" fi real! Each artist holds their own on the effort. The lot of featured, talented artists take on the "riddim" in a hardcore Dancehall style (i.e., Inkline's "She Brawling" and Tremaine Hitz's "Baddest Gyal"), while Courtney Undah Privilege brings conscious vibes to the production with "His-Story."

Nessa B has built a name and brand for herself with bold releases, which empower women, including "Insecurity" (feat. Singer J), "Yuh Neva Ready," "Rod of Correction," "What Kinda World Are We Living In?", "System" and more. The amazing creative's latest move takes her mission of empowerment to a higher level, one of production.

Nessa B has high hopes for the "Determining Riddim" and based on its early buzz, things are headed in the right direction. The "Determining Riddim" is out now on digital and streaming platforms. Let's help Nessa B run it up!

Determining Album Track Listing:

  1. Inkline - She Brawling

  2. Samuri - Nuh Love Mi

  3. Tremaine Hitz - Baddest Gyal

  4. Courtney Undah Privilege - His-Story

  5. Da Mastha - Squeeze

  6. Laygus - Just Enough

  7. Nessa B - Win Again


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