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Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice Announce Release Date for "Barbie World" Collaboration

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice

Excitement is building in the music industry as rap queen Nicki Minaj and rising star Ice Spice confirm the release date for their highly anticipated collaboration, "Barbie World." This powerhouse duo will be joined by the original hitmakers Aqua for the Barbie movie soundtrack, set to premiere on June 23.

Following their chart-topping success with "Princess Diana," Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice are ready to captivate audiences once again with their brand new joint effort. The duo has joined forces for the much-anticipated "Barbie" movie soundtrack, which boasts an array of top-tier artists including Dua Lipa and Lizzo.

The announcement was made on Saturday night, June 10, when Nicki Minaj took to social media to share the news with her fans. In an Instagram post, she wrote, "It's #Barbie B!ch If you still in doubt 😉🎀 @icespicee_ JUNE 23rd PRE-SAVE #BarbieWorld NOW‼️‼️‼️😘😘😘🎀" Accompanying the announcement were teaser snippets, increasing the anticipation for what promises to be a sensational collaboration.

This isn't the first time Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice have teamed up. Their previous remix of "Princess Diana" reached the pinnacle of success, reaching No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Rap Songs chart in April. Notably, it became the first No. 1 hit on the chart to be achieved by two co-billed women in its 34-year history. The track also reached an impressive No. 4 position on the Hot 100 chart, solidifying their status as musical powerhouses.

Directed by the renowned filmmaker Greta Gerwig, the Barbie film is set to hit theaters nationwide on July 21. Alongside the movie's premiere, fans can expect the full star-studded soundtrack to drop, featuring an impressive lineup of talented artists.

Adding to the excitement, Nicki Minaj recently revealed that her long-awaited album, her first in five years, is also in the works. Fans can mark their calendars for October 20, the expected release date of this highly anticipated album.

As the release of "Barbie World" draws near, fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the magic that Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, and Aqua will create together. This collaboration promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the illustrious Barbie franchise, and with such star power involved, it's sure to make waves in the music industry.

Stay tuned for June 23 when "Barbie World" will finally be unveiled, giving fans a taste of what's to come in the enchanting world of Barbie.


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