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Popular Caribbean Comedian Majah Hype Jailed in Georgia

Majah Hype, has been arrested in Georgia on charges of simple battery and making 'terroristic threats and acts'.

Hype, whose real name is Nigel Theron Joseph, was arrested and processed on February 19, 2023, according to the Cobb County Sheriff's office, and remains in custody without bond. He was charged with two felony counts of kidnapping as well as terroristic threats and acts at the time. He was also charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor offence. He was being held at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center in Canton, Georgia.

In December, 2020, his ex-girlfriend Latisha Kirby Farrell made public accusations that he physically assaulted her and was then arrested in January 2021.

Majah Hype rose to fame through his comedic skits and impersonations of Caribbean and African immigrants living in the United States.


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