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Ras Kronik Gets Real in New Song “Jah Jah Light”

Ras Kronik
Ras Kronik

Recording artiste Ras Kronik gets real in his recently released heartfelt track, “Jah Jah Light.” Produced by Pandemic Records on the Logic Riddim, the track was officially released in November 2021.

“The song is about how to protect yourself from the wickedness that is around and how to connect with your higher self. It also focuses on how to find that balance of life and not to worry about anything else. In other words, just believe in oneself,” the artiste explained.

A family affair, the track was produced by his youngest brother and the synergy resulted in a high quality, well-received track. Since the release, the artiste has been receiving a great response and is looking forward to more positive outcomes.

“My hopes and intentions for this song are to spread the love and light of the Creator God, the true source of life in all ways and means possible. If you listen to the words of the song you can immediately see the direction where I am heading,” he expressed.

In the game for the past 22 years, the Las Vegas-based artiste has been delivering heartfelt songs over the years, singing about topics that are most meaningful to him.

“I would describe my sound as unique, uptempo, real and energetic. My music mostly focuses on love, whether between a man and a woman or the love of the Most High,” he highlighted.

His extensive discography includes tracks such as “Spiritual Warfare”, “Lockdown”, “Stick Around”, “Jah Alone” and “Get High.” Expect more new music in the near future from the artiste as he continues to work on his craft.

“Jah Jah Light” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.


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