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Side Hustle: ​Focus Group Participants - $40-$200 Per Study

Side Hustle

The service offered by User Interviews is to recruit individuals for surveys, focus groups, and website testing gigs. The target audience for this service would be individuals who are interested in participating in these studies and earning money for their time. User Interviews offers a wide range of studies that take between 30-120 minutes and pay between $40-$200 per study.

Currently, User Interviews has a high demand for participants who work in data science, software engineering, product management, IT management, and small business ownership. This suggests that the service may be particularly beneficial for individuals in these fields who are looking to earn extra income and potentially contribute to research in their industry.

User Interviews accepts participants from several countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, and the UK. This suggests that the service is accessible to individuals from a variety of locations and may provide opportunities for people to earn money from home. Overall, the service offered by User Interviews is to provide a platform for individuals to participate in market research studies and earn money for their time.


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Earn money for your feedback on real products. With over 2,000 studies launching monthly, your opinions are in high demand.


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