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Sizzla and Foota Hype Blast Spice For Headlining Toronto Pride Festival

Reggae artiste Sizzla, has slammed dancehall star Spice for hosting the 2022 Toronto Pride Festival.

The event, which is set to take place in June 2022, will include "signature favorites such as the annual Trans March, Dyke March, Bi+ Pride Programming, Blockorama by Blackness Yes, Pride Parade, StreetFair, and "multiple stages showcasing over 300 2SLGBTQ+ performers."

Spice was confirmed as the headliner for Toronto Pride on Instagram, with the caption: "It just got a lot spicy in here!

However, the announcement enraged Sizzla, who claimed that Spice was ruining youngsters and dancehall culture.

“None a dem nastiness bout yah unu gweh. You’ll not corrupt our children any more,” Sizzla wrote via his Instagram page. “Jamaican artistes already knew that our indigenous music bashes against homosexuals and lesbianism. We Jamaicans bash against anything that is corrupt and misleading to our nation if people. Do not mix reggae and Dancehall with your evil nasty ways; no to guns; no to gays; no to lesbian; no to paedophilia; no to all what’s wrong and going against our culture,” he added.

Later on he made another post, “We nah sell out, we nuh hungry, Jamaica full a good food and very nice people our African heritage and culture is rich.”

Dancehall producer Foota Hype, also slammed Spice.

“In all my 20+ years as an established product of Jamaica and dancehall and reggae music this is the first time I feel completely defeated ashamed embarrassed weak betrayed,” Foota posted via Instagram.

“This is a big L for the ancestors of Jamaica and the music given to us by the almighty money has officially poisoned and crippled our industry, we’ll maybe this is a band show if not it would be sad that @spiceoffial wouldn’t consider the wellbeing and career of her dj after this, shame a kill mi God know,” he continued.

Devin Di Dakta, another dancehall performer, expressed his support, saying that local artists must understand that circumstances are changing.

Spice has not yet commented.


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