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Skaii D Limit Sends a Strong message in her new Single, “No Love”

Skaii D Limit Sends a Strong message in her new Single, “No Love”
Skaii D Limit

Dancehall artiste Skaii D Limit has a strong message in her recently released single, “No Love.” Released on April 9, 2021, the track was produced by Payne House Records.

“This song is about the violence against women and that it needs to stop,” the artiste explained. Holding nothing back, the artiste calls out several incidents of abuse against women and has received good reviews because of it.

“I’ve been getting all positive reviews so far and also a lot of airplay. It’s been supported by both males and females, mostly males seemingly, which is good,” she stated. An accompanying music video for the track is currently in the works.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Skaii D Limit lends her voice to a variety of sounds, namely Dancehall and Pop.

“I’ve been singing all my life but I decided to take my career to higher heights when I attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts In 2014. Now, I’m finally releasing music,” she revealed. Among these releases is a feature with Dancehall artiste Leftside called “Ill Nana” which was released in October 2020, as well as “Take Me” which was released in January 2021.

Going forward, the artiste has much more music in store and is currently working on new projects to be released in the coming months. One particular project is a feature on a song with recording artiste I-Octane, which is expected to drop on June 25.

“I’m extremely grateful for the journey and everyone who’s been a part of it so far. Everything along the way has been lessons and blessings. I’m looking forward to sharing lots more music with the world so people can truly get to know Skaii D Limit,” she expressed.

“No Love” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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