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SPICE's Album TEN Delayed, Will Now Be Released On Her Birthday

Queen of Dancehall, SPICE

Dancehall artiste Spice, has announced that her debut album TEN has been postponed by one week. The album, which had been in the works for ten years, was supposed to be released on July 30, but it will now be released on August 6, her 39th birthday.

Spice said on Instagram Live that while she was saddened by the change, she was pleased that the new date coincided with her birthday.

“We have good news and bad news, okay” she told her besties. “The bad news is the date kinda push back a little bit. Of course, I was upset, but the date got pushed back a bit, which is a little bad news for us besties but guess what, they push it back a week and the week end up falling right on my birthday.”

“I don’t know if its God or how it go but yeah, on my birthday it’s still a blessing so I can’t complain an mi nah fly up inna God face, mi still feel good an mi still grateful.”

The album TEN, which will be released by VP Records, will include her hit single Go Down Deh, which feature Shaggy and Sean Paul.

The Queen of Dancehall is encouraging fans to support the upcoming project by announcing that pre-orders will be available by Thursday, July 15.


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