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The Best Water Sports You Should Absolutely Try

Looking for something new the next time you hit the beach? Here are some of the best water sports you should absolutely try at least once in your lifetime.

There’s no place richer in relaxation and adrenaline-pumping activities than the beach! If you’re looking to get a new experience out of your time on the water, water sports are probably your go-to. However, you may not realize just how extensive your options are. Allow us to introduce you to some of the best water sports you should absolutely try.

Wing Foiling

Wing foiling is similar to kitesurfing but a bit less demanding in terms of equipment and setup. Unlike kitesurfing, where the kit is attached to your board like a sail, wing foils are handheld and easier to maneuver. This makes it a favorite activity among those who enjoy cruising along the coast and airing off massive waves because it’s far less cumbersome. When the weather is just right, there’s nothing quite like the freedom to surf around without being at the mercy of the waves. All you need is a board and a pair of wings, and you’re ready to set off!


Looking to get a bit—or a lot—more air? Flyboarding is one of the most futuristic and exciting water sports around. Think of it as a wakeboard attached to a jet ski. The jet ski uses water pressure to provide the thrust needed to rocket you into the air! It fulfills that fantasy of owning your own hoverboard and allows you to soar above the water’s surface.


Maybe you want to be in the air but desire something a tad less high-octane than flyboarding. Parasailing is an incredibly fun way to glide across the sky and leisurely take in the sights. However, parasailing does require access to a boat that will tow you along in a way that is pleasant and doesn’t have any scary drops as you might experience with flyboarding.

Scuba Diving

Perhaps you’d prefer to go under the water’s surface rather than over it. There’s a brightly colored kingdom of wildlife just underneath the water’s surface, which is why this is one of the best water sports you should absolutely try. You can enjoy this sport at your own pace and experience a world completely alien from our own.


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