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Trinidadian Opera Soprano Jeanine De Bique Made Her Paris Debut in Alcina.

Jeanine De Bique
Jeanine De Bique

Trinidadian classical soprano, Jeanine De Bique, made her Paris Opera debut. DeBique, a San Fernando native, is portraying the main character in George Frideric Handel's 1735 opera Alcina.

In the opera, Alcina builds a splendid mansion to entice her many suitors. One of these is Ruggiero, a warrior who has abandoned his duty and his betrothed, Bradamant, under Alcina's spell.

Started on November 25 and ends December 30, Handel's Alcina will be staged by Robert Carsen, with musical direction by Thomas Hengelbrock and the Balthasar Neumann ensemble.

De Bique is also celebrating the release of her first album, Mirrors, in addition to her Paris debut. The album includes arias from Handel's operas as well as works by other Baroque composers.


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