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Walshy Fire: Pull Up - A Glimpse into the Life and Work of a Grammy-nominated Music Producer and MC

Walshy Fire

Walshy Fire: Pull Up is a new documentary streaming on the PBS website and YouTube that offers a closer look into the life and work of Walshy Fire, a Jamaican-American music producer, DJ, and MC. Directed by Caribbean-American director Alicia G. Edwards, the film takes viewers on a journey through Walshy's childhood in Jamaica, his upbringing in Miami, and his current role as the frontman and MC for global music juggernaut Major Lazer.

The 10-minute film showcases Walshy's electrifying performances and celebrates his Caribbean roots as he travels around the world. According to Edwards, Walshy Fire is a unique artist who blends cultures in a way that is rarely seen in pop music.

Walshy Fire: Pull Up is the latest episode in American Masters and Firelight Media's series In the Making, which follows emerging cultural icons on their journeys to becoming masters of their artistic disciplines. To watch the documentary and more episodes from the series, subscribe to the PBS YouTube channel ( )

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