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Wedding Trends for 2022!

The wedding season is almost here, and couples are getting ready to celebrate their weddings like never before in 2022. While there are still some constraints, weddings are beginning to resemble what they used to, with larger guest lists, destination events, and major design moments.

Weekday Weddings

This year, the number of weekday weddings is expected to increase, making venue rentals less expensive. Most weekends are already booked out because of COVID-19, many couples have postponed their weddings for the last two years.

Electronic or Digital Invitations

As weddings were rescheduled and postponed due to the pandemic, electronic or digital invitations entered the industry at a rapid pace, and they are here to stay.

Electronic save the dates and invitations will remain popular in 2022 as couples focus their budget on the wedding-day experience while being environmentally conscious.


At the end of their wedding night, many couples choose to be sent off through a sparkler tunnel, and that trend isn't going away anytime soon.

Sparklers began as a wedding trend but have evolved into a wedding classic, and many couples believe sparklers are "timeless."

Charity Funds as Gifts

The majority of couples include charity funds in their wedding registries. While couples are becoming more specific with their cash funds in general, charity funds in particular have grown in popularity.

Choosing to donate to a charity raises both funds and awareness for the cause.

Destination Weddings

With travel restrictions eased, many couples are considering a destination wedding. Gathering all your family and friends in a fabulous location for your special day is super appealing for so many reasons.

Formal Weddings

The black tie has returned! People are more excited than ever to get dressed up for formal events after missing out on a whole year of parties. This isn't your typical ballgown and tuxedo. The year 2022 is going to have some very fun formal looks!

Champagne Towers

The champagne tower is a particularly fun cocktail trend this year. Champagne towers have recently made a comeback. They are a more interesting way of making a toast. Mixing it with a martini tower is one way to make it even more unique.

Back-Garden Weddings

Over the last two years, couples have flocked to romantic, back-garden weddings and weddings at venues with enchanted gardens, capitalizing on the allure of gorgeous, greenery-filled outdoor spaces. While back-garden weddings require more planning and are limited to the warmer seasons, they also allow you to host your wedding day in a very special place that serves as a completely unique venue for your guests, have greater control over the look and feel of the day, and - neighbours permitting! - continue partying as long as you like!

Backyard Weddings

Couples are recreating the experience of a destination wedding with authentic and immersive additions such as travel-inspired menus, music, scents, and blooms, from chic and rustic, Tuscany-inspired outdoor ceremonies to Moroccan-inspired lounges and Ibiza-style, ultra-glam receptions.

Cake Arches

Cake tables are receiving a lot more attention these days, thanks to custom cake hoops and cake arches! These unashamedly extra cake displays make lovely focal points in any dining room, whether decorated with fresh flowers, dried foliage, or left plain for a modern, minimalist vibe, and we can't wait to see more of them in 2022 real weddings.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

Muted and pastel-filled color palettes have been popular for a few years now, so we're more than happy to welcome bold splashes of color to the party! This one has to be one of our favorite 2022 wedding decor trends, with warm, earthy tones, vibrant color-block palettes, monochrome with striking flashes of color, and eccentric, color-clashing combinations. Pink-purple Orchid Bloom, vibrant Super Sonic blue, fresh Fair Green, playful Bubblegum pink, vivid Coral Rose, and cool Cascade blue will be the top colors for Spring and Summer 2022. And the 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri, a rich shade of purple, is right on trend.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

If you want a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring, this could be the trend for you! Salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds with a mixture of white and black inclusions, natural color markings that give the stone a moody, grey, speckled appearance. Salt and pepper diamonds, known for their one-of-a-kind charm, have grown in popularity among cool couples looking for something unique. They're also typically less expensive, making them an excellent choice for engaged couples on a budget, and because salt-and-pepper diamonds require fewer resources to mine than regular diamonds, they're ideal for eco-conscious couples as well!


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