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Fashion on the Rise


Fitted jeans emerged from the 1950’s when singing cowboys Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and superstars such as the ever so popular actress Marylyn Monroe just to name a few . Tapered pants became popular with country music stars and the era of rock and roll. Elvis Presley shocked the nation in his slim fitted pants.


Fashion evolves all the time… trends are not so unique it always ties to history. The trends for the summer time 2013 are growing in the fusion of not just fitted pants but also with a burst in colourful prints. The fun in colours adds to you standing out and being comfortable at the same time. Why not dolls up and slip on a printed top and fitted jeans with a high or evenly colorful flat sandal.

They are easily accessible in local stores or online shops. If you like to experiment there is the option to take a good look at your current wardrobe or even visit your parent’s wardrobe and create your own printed shirt or pants especially the old fashion prints. Some secret economical ways in achieving modern fashion senses.

Colour coordination:

At some point most of us did art in school and there are primary and secondary colours. The trick to complimenting an entire outfit is accentuating key areas of the intended pieces you are going to wear. The picture above draws a clear example: Matching is somewhat in but also out these days.

You can wear a black dress and not necessary accessories it with black jewelry and black shoes, however it is an option but it looks very flat. The alternative would be a colour to make the black dress in fashion terms “pop”. Taking lead in the direction of “popping” the option of red accessories with red shoes or any other colour are more likely to change the entire character of the final outlook of the simple black dress.

Ultimate goal:

Achieving proper fashion sense does not take overnight but it is wise to start at some point. How many of us watch television or read magazines and dream about looking just as trendy as fashionistas or super stars? It is recommended to pay attention to your personal style if it’s on the simple side nothing is wrong with that, simplicity is just as alluring. However, persons with a more dramatic fashion sense tend to stand out and be the center of attention. It is all about learning who you are and projecting your style to make you comfortable at the end of the day.

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