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Meet International Dancehall Choreographer Blacka Di Danca

One of the most popular and innovative choreographers of today’s dancehall scene in the USA is Brooklyn-based Blacka Di Danca. At the mere age of 24, Blacka has already performed at stage shows, festivals and carnivals in over 18 countries and 32 cities.

Blacka has gone from an underground dancer to a force in the entertainment industry very quickly. He recently choreographed a music video for Major Lazer,Lose Yourself” featuring Moska and RDX in Kingston, Jamaica. He has also toured with Collie Buddz as a featured performer.

In 2008, Blacka won the title of “Dancehall King” at Binghamton University’s Annual Carnival and later went on to be featured in six music videos for his dancing, including Busta Rhymes' "Twerk It" remix video featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell.

In July of 2010, Blacka performed on National Television with Mr. Vegas and New Kingston on the CBS Early Show. In November of 2010, Blacka taught his first Dancehall class at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). In December of 2010, Blacka won the title of "Champion of Champions" in NYC's Dance-A-Rama competition.

Blacka currently tours as a choreographer throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States teaching dancehall workshops. Over the summer of 2013, He was featured as a choreographer on cablevision's FUSE TV for the television show "The Hustle After-party". Blacka's photo was featured on the Beats by Dre website, and he has been featured in magazines and billboards in Siberia as well as newspapers in Jamaica. Blacka continues to add new projects and endeavors very often.

Blacka has been in the dancehall scene for 10 years and has proven to be consistent in all of his efforts. Dancehall is his passion. His vision is to spread the art of dancehall dancing to global measures through love, hard work and dedication. Blacka Di Danca teaches dancehall dance classes at DANY studios (305 W. 38th street between 8th and 9th avenues, NYC) when he is not touring. Official Website:

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