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Interview With Marsha Thompson - The Newly Crowned Miss Caribbean Gemz

Barbadian beauty Marsha Thompson is the newly crownedMiss Caribbean Gemz.

Marsha spoke to us about her journey to winning the crown, her projects and among other interesting issues.

What was your reason behind taking part in Ms. Caribbean Gemz Beauty Pageant? Did anyone inspire you or you always wanted to enter? I wanted to participate in the Caribbean Gemz beauty pageant because the mission of the CG organization is to enlighten, educate & uplift the Caribbean people through different events and informative literature. Caribbean Gemz is a new system and intends to give back to the West Indian community by donating to various charities in need. Their mission is in line with the goals that I have set for myself as a Caribbean American woman. I was inspired to submit my story to be considered by Alton Aimable of he has been a strong supporter and friend since the day we have met.

Was your family supportive of your decision to participate in the Ms. Caribbean Gemz contest? My family was definitely supportive if my decision to participate in the Miss Caribbean Gemz contest. Although my mom, Ordean Babb emigrated to New York City when I was really young, she made sure that my siblings and I had a strong sense of our Bajan culture. So while we were very far she kept home (Barbados) close in her food, morals, ethics and faith. My sister Joyann Reid has been a driving force and motivation behind why I pursued competing in beauty pageants as well.

What was the feeling when your name was announced as the winner, how did you react? Ok, I hear goes... I felt happy, excited, surprised, grateful, humbled, beautiful, thankful, loved, overjoyed, blessed! I think I felt every positive emotion possible in that moment. I definitely shed a few tears!

What does winning the competition means to you? Winning this competition means a win for Barbados! It also means that although there were times that I have felt misplaced in the America as a Caribbean woman of color and have doubted my beauty, intelligence and self in the past that I am living proof that your story and your culture is all in God's Plan and you can win in the skin you are in!

What do you think made you stood out from the other contestants? All of the contestants did an amazing job and we definitely all made it hard on the judges. I believe that the judges saw the hard work and effort I put into each segment of the pageant to give them a good show. The sincerity in my motivation to be the Caribbean Gemz Queen and the pride in my Bajan when I opened up and shared my story through cultural dance and answers.

How will you like to be remembered after your reign as queen?

I would like to be remembered as the Queen who enlightened, educated and uplifted the Caribbean culture and served as a role model for Caribbean people in the United States. I want to be remembered for my caring heart through the various charitable efforts over the next year and last but not least I want to make not only all of Barbados and Bajans everywhere, but the entire Caribbean proud to have me as their ambassador in the name of Peace, beauty and Charity.

Tell us about your experiences since becoming the queen? And what are some projects that you will be embarking as the queen?

I have only been Miss Caribbean Gemz for a week now, but the experience has been a whirlwind and so many interesting opportunities have been offered. From the moment of the announcement the camera flashes and congratulations from everyone who was in attendance filled me with joy. I have a busy schedule coming up of events, fundraisers, photo shoots and appearances so stay tuned! Like the Caribbean Gemz Facebook pageto stay updated on what is yet to come!

What was your favourite thing about the Contest?

I had 2 favourite aspects of the Ms Caribbean Pageant the first was the cultural costume/Question and Answer segment of the pageant. It was beautiful to have each girl come up with a costume to represent their island in addition to a short trivia to test our Caribbean knowledge and the allowance of each girl to explain why they were competing. My second favorite aspect was the support system that we were provided with. We had numerous rehearsal and chances to meet all of the other contestants. We all had a chance to bond with one another and Caribbean Gemz team.

Who or What inspires you?

It would be hard for me to name one person, thing or event that has inspired me but I will say that I believe that every new person or experience that is introduced into your life is an opportunity to learn, I am inspired everyday by family, music, food, art, the changing world, God, and so much more.

What's your definition of an achiever?

Everyday I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy it. This makes it hard to plan the day! With that said, an achiever is anyone that can find a happy balance between the two.

What do you like most about yourself?

What I like most about myself is what those around me have found endearing and it is my open mind and caring heart. I believe that I was raised by one of the most generous women on earth, my mother Ordean Babb. This woman has bent over backwards to help any and everyone that is need that has crossed her paths. Most recently, she has continued to adopt children in need of homes for numerous reasons due to rape, sexual orientation, abuse, etc. My mom has passed this on to me. I always find a way to take action and do my best to make the world a better place. I get it from my mommy!


Let’s talk about fashion……………

What's your fashion must-have? All things Mac! I am obsessed with Mac Make Up! At the moment I am in love with their Rihanna inspired line. I wear the red lipstick as much as possible. Go Barbados!

What's your Fashion sin, something you always indulge in?

Shoes!!! I am a sucker for great shoes. I see it, like it, buy it! It is getting out of hand. I am now using 2 closets, 2 shoe racks, and underneath the bed for storage!

Another guilty pleasure of mine is anything that sparkles. I like Sequins, glitter, sparkles, diamonds! Hey, I am a pageant girl!

Which item in your make-up bag can you not do without?

I have 2 items that are life savers over and over again. The first is Nivea's "A Kiss of Milk and Honey" chopstick and Creme of Nature or Olive Oil edge control with Argan Oil.

Tell us about your beauty routine?

I have a pretty laid back beauty routine besides the everyday hygiene routine of brushing, flossing and washing my face. I like to make sure my face is moisturized and use a light foundation, blush, mascara, chapstick or nude lipstick. I also make sure that I wash and deep condition my hair once a week. There is a new leave in or wash out conditioner out of Italy made specifically for women of color. It is a miracle in a bottle by the name of COCO AMO.

What Advice would you give to young girls who are aspiring to enter Beauty Pageants?

The advice that I would give to young girls who are interested in pageantry is to lead with confidence, let your personality shine through, practice is key and to never be discouraged if the results are not always in your favor. I have definitely been disappointed when I have not won or placed in past pageants, but I took those experiences to improve on what I needed to and those No's have turned into a Yes today!

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?

I hope in the near future that I can use my title to take my career to the next level while expanding on the great reputation that Caribbean Gemz is building. In the distant future I am working to grow my events company and enroll in law school. I want to have a family of my own, but until then I will continue to be the best daughter, sister, aunt, friend, family member, role model, queen and Me that I can be!



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