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Powerhouse Designers For Caribbean Fashionweek 2014

2014 will be a year of firsts for CFW, which is no easy accomplishment for an event in its 14th year of fashion innovation and excellence.

Designers showing, include Trinidad & Tobago’s Claudia Pegus and Meiling, the UK’s Alicia Mullings, Jamaica’s Juliette Dyke of Julan and New York fashion house Hope Wade Designs.

These particular designers will also be taking part in the new online shopping experience, designed to introduce and export the crème of the region’s fashion design talent to an international audience. The CFW team has partnered with Jessica Huie, founder of London agency JH Public Relations ( and international branding expert Kubi Springer ( to launch, introduce on-site shopping at CFW, and develop the brand’s business forum, which takes place on the morning of June 14, prior to the evening’s fashion show.

Claudia Pegus has truly earned her place in Caribbean fashion history. For over three decades, she has been internationally known for her signature designs featuring handmade embroidery work on various types of silk and other luxury fabrics. Her creations are wider in content, context and appeal, but these luxury pieces are the core of her CPFS label. Claudia is the recipient of Trinidadian national honours, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence and Remarkable Contributions to the Caribbean Fashion Industry. She is also a CFW Caribbean master designer awardee.

Today when one thinks of fashion in the Caribbean, one name cannot be escaped…Meiling. Meiling is a graduate of the Lucie Clayton School of Design in London, England, but continues to learn and be inspired by the world and by the melting pot that is her base, Trinidad. Best loved for her ability to weave passion, confidence, sensuality, wit and individuality into her clothes. Twice a year Meiling produces two dynamic and breathtaking retail collections, guaranteed to set the town talking and aspiring to the Meiling look.

London based Designer Alicia Mullings found her talent in fashion design and pursued her aspirations back in early 2010, after she was made redundant from her specialist/qualified role as a sound operator in television. When Alicia is designing she is inspired by everyday people, nature, and a desire to be influential in encouraging positive attitudes in what can feel like a “negative world.”

Julan by Juliette Dyke Jamaica final  (1).jpg

Jamaican designer, Juliette Andrea Dyke gracefully blends her fascination with history and a broad spectrum of influences, from art to nature, into coherent and flowing designs. Julan pairs the 50s silhouette with her signature shantung silk, cotton and linen for a contemporary natural yet eye-grabbing look.

Just a peak into what Caribbean Fashionweek 2014 has to offer this June 11-16th, Kingston, Jamaica.

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