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Meet Model and Singer Angelica Legacy

Nuyorican- [as defined by the Wikipedia] is aportmanteau of the terms "New York" and "Puerto Rican" and refers to the members or culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora located in or around New York State especially the New York City metropolitan area, or of their descendants (especially those raised or still living in the New York area). This term could be used for Puerto Ricans living in other areas in the Northeast outside New York State.

Popular Nuyoricans would be many of our most successful and powerful people not only in our Hispanic community but the world, such as: Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Perez, Mark Anthony and Adrien Bailion. Although, our featured estrella de Puerto Rico isn't from New York City she possess that fire, exotic beauty and desire to make “IT” in the "concrete jungle" via her many talents such as modelling, writing and singing (to name a few) our gyal Angelica is determined to create a LEGACY that we won't forget any time soon

As I am, "mixed" Dutch Antillean with Dominican (and Mexican Indian) I have a few daily SAYINGS IN PAPIAMENTO and SPANISH. What ARE some of yours?

I tend to say "Tú sabes", "Ay díos mio", "mira!" and I like to tease the non Spanish speaking guys by calling them papi! Lol

The PR day parade is this month! What are usually your plans?

Actually, I've never attended the PR day parade. This may be the year I do attend. You never know!

Puerto Ricans in NYC are called Nuyoricans. What was your upbringing and household like as a Nuyorican?

Honestly, I don't consider myself as a Nuyorican, I always thought you had to be born in NYC to qualify. LOL

What are the current projects you are working on?

I'm currently designing a shoe line for ToyGal Shoes of South Africa, Spokesmodel for I AM Culture, recording an album and most proud accomplishment I've joined a charity to help foster children.

That's amazing! You do quite a few things. Which is your favourite?

Singing by far!

How long have you been singing?

All my life. I grew up in church singing.

What are you most proud of being LATINA?

We are a diverse race of people. I love that I can break down stereotypes usually people assume I’m Middle Eastern or Indian. I love my heritage. My father was born on the island, so I am the first generation born in the USA. I've met so many people in life, that wish they were Hispanic. I thank God that He chose to birth me in this culture as a Puerto Rican woman.

Angelica Legacy1.jpeg

In one word, describe where you see the ANGELICA LEGACY brand in three years.


Where else have you been featured and how can we keep up with the legacy movement., connect with me via social media on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It's really me and I do respond. I like talking and interacting with people.

By: SharLisa Peterson

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