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BEAU Designs Pairs with Changing Faces in Spectacular Summer Shoot

Fashion company BEAU Designs has partnered with successful emerging MUA (Make-UpAriste) Nikisha Benjamin-Richardson in a sizzling summer fashion shoot last weekend.

Held at the majestic Trinidad and Tobago Hyatt Regency, the shoot was an extremely successful marriage of two intrinsic and highly artistic aspects of the fashion industry, where meticulous and intricate flawlessly applied make-up complimented the bold and daring designs of BEAU. From the stylish ‘Kissed by a Rose’, a sensuous cascade of wine stained lace and flowing, crimson satin to the classically elegant ‘Secret Purple’ with smokeybrushed eyes as well as seductively parted lips glossed in full ruby, the pieces were shot around the opulent settings of the hotel by renowned fashion photographer Luis Young, who captured the many moods and beauty of both the faces and figures of the models.


Sai-ann, who was contacted by Ms. Benjamin-Richardson to provide the wardrobe of the shoot, decided to feature both designs as they best represent the hidden beauty most women possess. Ms. Benjamin-Richardson was also greatly impressed by the use ofcolour in the designs, stating that they suited her own approach towards make-up. The self taught MUA strongly believes that the face should be expressed equally as the body, as this is what a woman offers to the world: an image of confidence, exquisite beauty and playful radiance. Both women were equally impressed by the designs and skills of the other and have promised to work closely and frequently with each other on future endeavors.

BEAU Designs is currently preparing to release its sophomore collection geared towards the professional working woman.‘Sphinx’ comprises of twelve sophisticated, elegantly casual pieces which can be worn as stand alone items or subsequently mixed and matched for added creativity. Aptly named for the creature of Greek and Egyptian mythology and its penchant for testing travelers with riddles, the creature’s most famous answer has been creatively flipped into the line. Scheduled for a tentative release later in the year, Sphinx is Sai-ann’s second presentation at Caribe Fashions ‘Trini Styles’, which gives local designers a forum to showcase their skill in fashion design, dressmaking and accessorizing. She impressed both judges and critiques alike with her first fashion offering, ‘BEAU’, which she has subsequently expanded and now bears the name of her company.

By Adrian Simmons,

Freelance Writer/Press Officer.


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