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Chef Jason Howard Puts Rum On The Menu

Bajan born Chef Jason Howard aims put rum on the menu for his dishes and desserts. The Michelin trained chef relocated to London to further his career.

As well as running a series of fine dining pop up events with the focus of Caribbean food and flavours. Chef Howard is developing and experimenting with rum as a cooking ingredient, he sees the way that Europe prides itself on food and wine combinations, whether in cooking or food pairing.

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Chef Howard believes the Caribbean can emulate the same type of culinary fusion using rums, as each rum producing island can make better use of its natural food and culinary resources, to best provide a more authentic Caribbean experience for many who visit the islands.

As well as working with rums in his food, he is on a mission to raise the profile of Caribbean food, so that it's on a par internationally with that of French, Italian, Chinese or Indian.

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Part of his plan will be to develop a team or network that can collectively raise the standard of Caribbean cuisine, Showcasing the cultural and regional diversity, to what it can be on a global stage.

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Currently, Chef Jason Howard is working on developing his next Caribbean fine dining with an interesting theme, bringing a new twist to some dishes and visually stunning food to match.

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