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Mr. Vegas Looking Sleek On October - November CEM Cover

For CEM's October-November Issue, one of our Editor in Chief Sharlisa Peterson sat down with Clifford “Mr. Vegas” Smith to have an "one and one"

THE MAN OF THE HOUR, otherwise known as the climax of the night, Clifford “Mr. Vegas” Smith (dressed uber casual in an Armani exchange Tee and semi-slack stonewash jeans) took over Brooklyn, New York. His performance that night revealed many facets of his character. Of course we were familiar with his ‘give it all you got’ thunderclap and the women, positioning themselves inches away to catch a 4-D experience of a sexy and mischievous yet playful gyration of ‘turned up’ Vegas waiting to further mash up yet another stage for the night. You could also tell about his musical side as he paid tribute to fellow industry legend BUJU BANTON sings his hits Driver and of course REAL LOVE ( I wanna be loved not for who you think I am nor who you want me to be …REAL LOVE. To cross genre hits, especially Soca from fellow Caribbean artists Rupee, Destra Garcia and JW & Blaze. He also shows his unmediated kindness to his fans, as he swats away a hand of a rude audience member as they lifted up a volunteer dancers shirt as she was ‘brukkin it down’.

For more on where you can findMr. Vegas in NYC, his musical taste and advice for the industry’s newbies, read our October/November ISSUE

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