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DEMERARA GOLD --Jesus, Visas and mining your GOLD



It’s a story that from the beginning days of building up "Industrialized America" until 2014, everyone can relate to in one way or another. From Mexicans to Cubans and the British and Irish to Africans and Indians alike; the journeys, stories and contributions of these peoples makes the United States to be the "MELTING POT" country that it is.

The one woman show, written and performed solely by INGRID GRIFFITHS depicts that of a 7-year old Guyanese girl and her families' journey to America this phenomenal illustration of growing up in a full family (consisting of a mother, father, sister, grandparents) environment, a God fearing, familiar and accepting community of her homeland, Guyana to achieving what seems to be what it seems to be "SOLD ON TV" American dream.

Through her [INGRID GRIFFITHS] testimony of trials, triumphs, silent thoughts and loud tears along with her classical and professional theatrical training; the critically acclaimed and SOLD OUT show entitled DEMERARA GOLD --Jesus, Visas and mining your GOLD. The CEM family was honored to be in attendance for this phenomenon that is DEMERARA GOLD that invokes emotions of love, sadness, confusion, resilience, spirituality, identity and, memories of family togetherness, curry and roti, grandparents playing the role of parents and the growing pains of promiscuity verses exploring a new world, life, stage and YOU.

CEM caught up with the Guyanese writer, actress, cultural pioneer and self produced superwoman behind the scenes after one of her many sold out NYC performances of her hit production.

Read the full interview in our October/November ISSUE

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