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Beauty in the Bacchanal - Interview With Event Planner and Host of Her Own Brand “ARETIAN” - Natiera

CEM- What's your age, nationality?

My real name is Natiera. No one notices but Areitan is my name spelled backwards. I thought it was cool lol. I am 21 years old. I'll be 22 in December. I am 5'4. I like to think I'm taller. I was born here in America but my family is from St. Vincent, St. Thomas and Trinidad. My mother was also born here but grandparents keep the culture around. You can't tell me I'm not Caribbean when Soca comes on.

CEM- What is the sexiest thing about you, in your opinion?

I feel the sexiest thing about me is my personality. Majority of the people I meet take to me and that's how I get and keep my jobs. I can mix and blend in with any type of crowd. One day I'm twerking and pelting then the next I'm talking with Rosario Dawson and Dakota Fanning.

CEM-What is the most attractive trait in a man [for you]?

The most attractive trait on a man is his smile. I like perfect white straight teeth. You could be beautiful with your mouth shut but if you have to smile with your mouth closed we can't talk (lol).

CEM-You are in a relationship with a popular DJ ( L.Bully of 93.5 FM's ROAD INTERNATIONAL) what's a positive and negative of being in such a public relationship?

I have been with DJ L Bully for 1 year now and it has been one of the easiest relationships I've ever experienced. We are both in the same line if work so communication is better. His female fans don't bother me. He would have way more to worry about.

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