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Queen Calida Resilience and Determined as she "Finds A Way"

Most artists aim to inspire, evoke feelings and convey their story through lyrics and music. Such is Queen Calida's musical path, to use her words to paint her story of struggles, faith and triumph over adversity. To wear the title of Queen comes with requirements, one must hold her head high and be a role model. Queen Calida adheres to those qualities, and as a single mother looks to pass on the crown to her daughter. To leave her legacy, she documented and penned her story through her single "Find A Way". Gaining support and positive feedback, Queen Calida released a video in support of the inspirational hit. Filmed in Queens and Brooklyn, New York, "Find A Way" video was executive produced by Queen Calida herself, and directed by J.Herby of unlimited productionz, with Marsha Hamilton as assistant Director and featured actress. An added personal touch was the voice of Queen's daughter in the video introduction. Describing the video, Queen stated "I don't wanna go," my daughter said as she hugged me with all her little might,tears falling from her tiny eyes."When things get hard people work together mommy.I'll come home and lock the door and be very quiet and do my homework and make sure no one knows i'm here."My only response was tears and the return of her embrace as her innocence pierced my heart."She further explains "Babygirl and i had a very close bond as depicted in the video. I simply retraced our steps from the experiences frozen in my memory.The park in the video is the same one we used to go to.. I have been writing for a while but this song came from the deepest part of me.I wanted to ensure that she saw and understood and could access the reason we are not together. I made it one of the motivational tools for my musical and life journey.The fight continues as i persist through the pain and hardship to "find a way." I believe there is a light at the end of every tunnel and that's where I'm headed."

"Real battles are the ones we fight every day to succeed despite all odds." Queen Calida

Adopting the moniker of Queen Calida, Opal Meeks was born in the inner city of seaview Gardens Kingston, Jamaica. A place like many other with hardships, beauty, life and an abundance of talents such as Grammy award winner Shabba Ranks, the iconic Bounty Killer and Elephant Man just to name a few. From a young age she was exposed to the rigors and hardship of life, which is reflected in her music. Despite her deprived surrounding education was a priority in which she successfully succeeded and excelled. As early as she can recall music lived within her soul. Queen Calida's alma mater Merl Grove High School is the foundation from which her talent was developed. At the age of fourteen she wrote and performed her first song for the entire school body in their school's auditorium.

She developed a love for the performing arts and was actively involved in the annual J.C.D.C and School's Drama festivals throughout her tenure of high school. She received many accolades including a gold medal for dub poetry. Her journey led her to corporate Jamaica where unfulfilled she left to pursue her dreams.

Queen Calida

Upon her return to the musical arena, Queen Calida wrote a song that she used to enter the Magnum King and Queens of dancehall competition held annually in Jamaica. Of over six hundred contestants in the Portmore auditions in 2010 she was selected among the top five competitors for advancement. Her journey eventually lead her New York City. All that glitters isn't gold and the promises of fame and fortune has come at a cost which Queen Calida reflects on her new single "Find A Way," dedicated to her baby girl and their experience in America. Her aim is to build and uplift others with her music. Her subjects reflects real life events in a positive and inspirational manner.Her ultimate dream is to rock millions with her sound.

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