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Hawaiian Reggae Artist Siaosi Rocks the “Sea of Love Riddim”

SKINNY BWOY RECORDS, Jan 8th, 2015 – Hawaiian Reggae artist Siaosi is set to deliver his brand new single “Nuh Backchat Mama” onJanuary 20th, 2015. The track produced by singer/songwriter/producer Henry "Sadiki" Buckley, Jr is the second single from the forthcoming various artists compilation, "Sea of Love Riddim, Vol. 2" (Skinny Bwoy Records) which is due on February 10th, 2015. Nuh Backchat Mama” is an ode to single mothers that stresses the importance of respecting and never forgetting the struggles that single mothers face on a daily basis. Siaosi delivers this message with all the fervor of a seasoned veteran.Siaosi delivered chart-topping singles on the USA iTunes charts consistently in 2013 & 2014 and charted at #9 on the Billboard Reggae chart for his sophomore EP release “Everything Is Good”.Over the last ten years, he has performed throughout Hawaii, The Continental USA & internationally alongside JBoog & Fiji.

Stream “Nuh Backchat Mama” at YouTube by clicking HERE

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