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Introducing The Mecca: EDM/Pop Artist

An electrifying dance song, heavily driven by grinding electronic sounds and fist pumping bass, The Mecca’s latest single “Zoom Zoom” is undoubtedly a club banger which has been making waves!

It is therefore with exhilarating pleasure that we formally introduce you to The Mecca.

Based on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, The Mecca, who has been revitalizing the music scene in St. Lucia with his unique appeal, has taken off in a musical flight through the universe of Hip Hop, Pop, Electro and Dance. As likely to be inspired by Jay-Z or Michael Jackson as he is by Pitbull and Flo Rida, The Mecca will surely move your head, your heart and entire body.

The Mecca brings you music for the 21st century, with the power to inspire as well as to get up and dance. Merging solid lyrical artistry with a deep well of emotion and hustle, The Mecca has surfaced as an astounding musical force. His approach to music is enriched by third world culture combined with first world mentality.

The Mecca is an exceptional writer who has had noted success in the music industry to date. His single “Flat Stomach” was the premiere single at the Labo Ethnik Fashion & Lifestyle week in Paris earlier this year and his song “Zoom Zoom” has been placed in VH1 and Fox TV Series.

Zoom Zoom can be found on The Mecca’s official website and on iTunes -

The official music video for Zoom Zoom debuts on January 9, 2015.

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